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9 Apr 2014


Ride Bellerive Workshop

Bicycles today are becoming increasingly specialised – tailor-made for every aspect of cycling – and we can cater for all of them at our Bellerive Workshop.

We have the finest, brand specific imported tools and a depth of knowledge gained from years maintaining and repairing all forms of bicycles.

With certified Rock Shox and Avid technicians on staff we can take care of all fork servicing and disc brake maintenance.

We also have excellent relationships with our high-end distributors who can carry out specific tuning, adjustments, and modifications to premium frames, components and suspension as required.

We only use genuine parts sourced from Shimano and SRAM for all servicing and repairs.

Our Service Charge is – $75
Includes – Check and tighten all bolts including crank, Adjust brake pads , Tighten brake cables , Adjust gears, Drive-train wear checked, Lubricate chain and cables, Check spokes and true minor buckles (wheel stays on bike) , Headset checked, Frame wiped down, Tyres inflated.

Common ad on’s to basic service

Supply and Fit Gear or Brake Cable $17.50 Fit brake pads $11 per end Fit Chain $11 Fit Cassette $11 Fit Chainring $11 Fit New Crankset $16.50 Fit Bottom Bracket $16.50 Clean and Degrease Drive Train $16.50

Example of typical service charge
Service + Supply and fit new gear cables
$75 + $17.50 + $17.50 = $110


  • WWheel true $22
  • Wheel Build $44
  • Replace spoke $4 including spoke

Drive train

  • Replace drive train $33
  • Install cartridge bottom bracket $22
  • Service hub $22
  • Install derailleur $11
  • Install derailleur, derailleur hanger and chain $44

Forks and Headset

  • Install fork $33
  • Install headset $22


  • Major fork service (parts not incl.) $65
  • Minor fork service/oil change $35
  • Overhaul suspension pivots and bushings $77
  • Rear shock bushing replacement (DU bush not inc.) $25
  • Rear shock air sleeve service (parts not incl.) $44


  • Adjust brakes/install pads $27.50
  • Overhaul disc brake levers (parts not Inc) $44
  • Adjust/bleed disc brake$27.50

Miscellaneous labour charges

  • Hourly Charge $77
  • Bike boxed for freight $44

Miscellaneous installs

  • Install baby carrier $33
  • Install computer $22